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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Ext3 online resizing locking issue
> The two different uses of the superblock lock are really quite
> different; I don't see any particular problem with using two different
> locks for the two different things. Mount and the namespace code are
> not locking the same thing --- the fact that the resize code uses the
> superblock lock is really a historical side-effect of the fact that we
> used to use the same overloaded superblock lock in the ext2/ext3 block
> allocation layers to guard bitmap access.
At a first look, i thought about locking gdt-related data. But in a
closer one, it seemed to me that we're in fact modifying a little bit
more than that in the resize code. But all these modifications seem to
be somehow related to the ext3 super block specific data in
ext3_sb_info. My first naive approach would be adding a lock to that

Besides that, by doing that, we become pretty much independent of vfs
locking decisions to handle ext3 data. Do you think it all make sense?

Glauber de Oliveira Costa
IBM Linux Technology Center - Brazil
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