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SubjectRe: Atheros and rt2x00 driver
Denis Vlasenko <> wrote:
-> What it can do? In particular, can it:
-> * send packets with arbitrary contents? In particular, packets
-> shorter than 3-address 802.11 header? packets with WEP bit set?
-> Does it allow to do WEP encoding by host instead of hal?
-> Any weird limitations?
-> * receive packets?
-> * tune to the given channel (or freq)?

I don't really know to which version you are referring to. If you
wrote about OpenBSD then I can't give an authoritative answer.

-> If it can do that, everything else IIRC can be done in software.
-> Really, what prevents us from, say, beacons every 1/10s?

Yes, that is a very nature of atheros radio chips. It is simplier to
tell what you can't do in software with these chipsets. This
complicates writing a driver a bit too ;-)

-> Nice to see you are in "release early" crowd.
-> may I suggest using atheros-20050805 instead of atheros-08052005
-> (will maintain correct sorting order in 2006,2007...)

Hummm... these are old patches :) the new site is located at

As I'm going to put separate patch snapshots out there too, I will
change the naming order.

@..@ Mateusz Berezecki
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