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SubjectRe: Atheros and rt2x00 driver
Florian Weimer <> wrote:
-> > the problem with openbsd version of the hal is that it is - sorry to
-> > say that - fundamentally broken, at least it was last time I was
-> > checking.
-> It's better than nothing, that is, it worked for us when we gave it a
-> try. And it seems to be relatively unencumbered.

ok, maybe it sounded to harsh. What I really meant was that when I
was doing my research on the atheros chipset I revealed some
differences between what is actually in HAL and what is in openbsd
driver. It could have been due to the update schedule of madwifi. It
is always easier to be up to date with the vendor supported driver
than with reverse engineered one. Anyways what I saw was that some
parts were missing in openbsd. I don't know how much in overall.


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