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Subject[Question] How get instruction pointer of user space ???
Hi everyone:

I am implemnting one ioctl() in one character device.

That need know instruction pointer of user space. I am on i386
I can sure I am in process context. and enter kernel by system call way.

As I known, in default case, each task have one kernel stack, its length
is THREAD_SIZE(2 pages), and current_thread_info() is at its top. the
struct pt_regs is at bottom of this stack.

so I write the code like here:

pt_regs = ((struct pt_regs *)(THREAD_SIZE + current_thread_info()))+1;
return pt_regs->eip;

but it do not work! even, I get segment fault and kernel Oops at

Also, I am sure current_thread_info() return right value of current
user task.

Any idea on here?



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