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SubjectRe: [PATCH] blk queue io tracing support
On Wed, Aug 31 2005, Nathan Scott wrote:
> Hi Jens,
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 11:28:39AM +0200, Jens Axboe wrote:
> > Ok, updated version.
> One thing I found a bit awkward was the way its putting all inodes
> in the root of the relayfs namespace, with the cpuid tacked on the
> end of the bdevname - I was a bit confused at first when a trace of
> sdd on my 4P box spontaneously created files for "partitions" sdd0,
> sdd1, sdd2, and sdd3 ;).

Yeah I agree, it's not very logical.

> I suppose if many more users of relayfs spring into existance, this
> is going to get quite ugly. Below is a patch that aligns the names
> to the conventions used in sysfs; so, for example, when running two
> traces simultaneously on /dev/sdd and /dev/sdb, instead of this:
> # find /relay
> /relay
> /relay/sdd3
> /relay/sdd2
> /relay/sdd1
> /relay/sdd0
> /relay/sdb3
> /relay/sdb2
> /relay/sdb1
> /relay/sdb0
> it now uses this...
> # find /relay
> /relay
> /relay/block
> /relay/block/sdd
> /relay/block/sdd/trace3
> /relay/block/sdd/trace2
> /relay/block/sdd/trace1
> /relay/block/sdd/trace0
> /relay/block/sdb
> /relay/block/sdb/trace3
> /relay/block/sdb/trace2
> /relay/block/sdb/trace1
> /relay/block/sdb/trace0
> and does the correct dynamic setup and teardown of the hierarchy
> as the userspace tool starts and stops tracing. I had to modify
> the relayfs rmdir code a bit to make this work properly, I'll
> send a separate patch for that shortly.

It makes sense to me, please work with the relayfs people to get this
integrated. I really don't want to carry any extra stuff for relayfs

> >
> >
> > has been updated as well, the protocol version was increased to
> > accomodate the trace structure changes.
> I have the associated userspace change for this, as well as several
> other fixes and tweaks for your tool - if you could slap a copyright
> and license notice onto that source (pretty please? :) I'll send 'em
> right along.

You bet, I'll add it right away.

Jens Axboe

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