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SubjectPREEMPT_RT with e1000

It looks like Gigabit Ethernet is still having some problems. This is
with the e1000 driver. If I remove all the qdisc_restart changes it
starts to work the warning below goes away, but it has smp_processor_id


BUG: softirq-net-tx/:5, possible softlockup detected on CPU#0!

Call Trace: <IRQ> <ffffffff8015b92a>{softlockup_detected+56} <ffffffff8015b9d7>{softlockup_tick+164}
<ffffffff80119a4b>{smp_apic_timer_interrupt+55} <ffffffff8010e6a4>{apic_timer_interrupt+132}
<EOI> <ffffffff80516f9b>{__down_mutex+694} <ffffffff80482e4d>{qdisc_restart+369}
<ffffffff80476198>{net_tx_action+200} <ffffffff8013a802>{ksoftirqd+231}
<ffffffff8013a71b>{ksoftirqd+0} <ffffffff8014a769>{kthread+218}
<ffffffff8010e9f6>{child_rip+8} <ffffffff8014a68f>{kthread+0}
| preempt count: 00010000 ]
| 0-level deep critical section nesting:

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