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SubjectRe: [linux-dvb-maintainer] [2.6 patch] add missing select's to DVB_BUDGET_AV
Adrian Bunk wrote:

>On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 06:59:07PM +0200, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
>>I also added this to CVS. But I'm not sure it
>>is critical enough to put it in stable.
>If I were a -stable maintainer, I'd include both patches after they were
>included in Linus' tree and shipped with one -rc or -mm kernel.
>But that's not a strong opinion, it's also OK for me if the patches
>don't get included in 2.6.13.x .

About saa7134-dvb patch, it is already in -mm and the 2.6.13.y stable
patch queue, but not yet in -git. Nobody will complain about it when it
comes time for review, as it was only left out of 2.6.13 by
accident. I sent that in, as it is technically part of v4l tree (even
though it handles DVB code, saa7134-dvb.c is a hybrid v4l file). This
is (probably) the reason why JS didn't send an ACK on my patch, but I
bet Mauro will ACK it when Chris starts the review on LKML.

Good looking on the budget_av patch :-) ... I was just about to respond
to your email before I saw that Johannes already did. IMHO, I agree
that your budget_av patch couldn't hurt to go to stable as well, but
since JS says it isn't critical, I think you might need to lobby to him
to change his mind. Personally, I think that both patches should go to
2.6.13.y -stable, as it IS a behavior correction for Kconfig kernel
compilation, and without these patches, some users may be left confused
with supported hardware that won't work (without some googling). I
think it is best for user-friendliness to apply these ASAP.

If you choose to send it to stable, feel free to add:

Acked-by: Michael Krufky <>

...although, since I am not the official maintainer (Johannes is) I
don't think my ACK matters by much :-(

-MiKE Krufky
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