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SubjectRe: APIC version and 8-bit APIC IDs
On Wednesday 31 August 2005 15:13, Martin Wilck wrote:

> In other words: What would be broken if we just used an APIC ID mask of
> 0xFF everywhere?

Nothing I think. It's more historical reasons. The physflat subarchitecture
patch essentially removed it, but it needs some rework and merging
with bigsmp now.

> The current situation with MP_valid_apicid() on the one hand (masking
> the APIC ID as a function of local APIC version) and APIC_ID_MASK
> (masking the APIC as a function of subarch) on the other hand is
> inconsistent. A correct approach must take both CPU and architecture
> constraints into account, and use a CPU-type-dependent variable mask in
> the subarch code.

Yes, it's broken right now.

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