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Subjectaoe fails on sparc64

Using aoe on a sparc64 system gives strange results:

sunny:/dev/etherd# echo >discover
sunny:/dev/etherd# mke2fs e0.0
mke2fs 1.37 (21-Mar-2005)
mke2fs: File too large while trying to determine filesystem size
sunny:/dev/etherd# blockdev --getsz e0.0

The log says:

Aug 31 15:18:49 sunny kernel: devfs_mk_dir: invalid argument.<6>
etherd/e0.0: unknown partition table
Aug 31 15:18:49 sunny kernel: aoe: 0011d8xxxxxx e0.0 v4000 has

The system is an Sun Ultra 5, running compiled with
gcc-3.4.2. e0.0 is exported on a x86 system using vblade-5, and has a
size of 30 MB.

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