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SubjectRe: Very strange Marvell/Yukon Gigabit NIC networking problems
Hi all,

I have "fixed" the problem in a very wierd way.Reading
your post I thought maybe when removing the driver
itself it set some bit incorrectly. Then I decided to

Boot with init=/bin/bash so bypass all other things.
modprobe skge

run ifconfig eth0 ip_num up

ping a host

then while pinging hit Ctrl+Alt+Del key to hot reboot
the system.

I still see the light at the hub lits. Now I boot to
winXP and as I expected , it worked!

No I boot 2.6.11 and it worked, so the problem resolve
but I am tooooo scared to run 2613 now :-)

Hope this information helps debuging the driver.



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