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SubjectRe: Second "CPU" of 1-core HyperThreading CPU not found in 2.6.13
On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 at 23:03 +0000, Chase Venters wrote:

> Greetings kind hackers...
> I recently switched to 2.6.13 on my desktop. I noticed that the second
> "CPU" (is there a better term to use in this HyperThreading scenario?) that
> used to be listed in /proc/cpuinfo is no longer present. Browsing over the
> archives, it appears as if someone else had this problem... their solution
> was to enable CONFIG_PM, but I already have CONFIG_PM enabled.
> I have to boot with 'noapic' because I have my CD-Writer hanging off an
> aic7xxx, and that driver goes into a nice error loop if I boot without it.
> I'll include some lspci output below in case it is useful. There's one more
> thing I noticed in the transition to 2.6.13, but I'm really not sure where I
> could start diagnosing it, and so any suggestions would be marvelous.
> As I mentioned, this machine is my desktop. In the past, I've been able to
> run compilers / other intensive tasks while listening to music in XMMS - the
> playback is never disrupted (indeed, on this P4 3.2ghz XMMS takes virtually
> none of the processor). Yet I've noticed enough momentary stops in sound
> output now to begin to suspect I've got some kind of problem.
> Last kernels that were functional in both regards were and
> Please note that I have not compiled with the new default tick rate of 250Hz
> - I'm running 1000Hz, and I have also enabled the Preemptible kernel and BKL
> Preemption as I have in earlier kernels.

I needed CONFIG_PM=y and CONFIG_ACPI=y to get ht working on 2.6.13.

Philippe Elie

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