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SubjectRe: [RFC] RT-patch update to remove the global pi_lock

This patch contains my previous change as well as an update to fix the
race conditions that the BKL may hold. It is against -rt2.

The first part of the patch will stop the pi_setprio loop if the process
has a lock_depth greater than or equal to zero. Since that would mean
that the process either is running, or is about to release the BKL.

I still kept the change from rt1 to rt2 but changed the comment.

I added the lock release logic in the __up code incase the BKL is
causing loops in the pi chain.

I'm currently runnig -rt2 with these changes as I type.

-- Steve

Signed-off-by: Steven Rostedt <>

Index: linux_realtime_goliath/kernel/rt.c
--- linux_realtime_goliath/kernel/rt.c (revision 310)
+++ linux_realtime_goliath/kernel/rt.c (working copy)
@@ -800,7 +800,24 @@

mutex_setprio(p, prio);
- if (!w)
+ /*
+ * The BKL can really be a pain. It can happen where the
+ * BKL is being held by one task that is just about to
+ * block on another task that is waiting for the BKL.
+ * This isn't a deadlock, since the BKL is released
+ * when the task goes to sleep. This also means that
+ * all holders of the BKL are not blocked, or are just
+ * about to be blocked.
+ *
+ * Another side-effect of this is that there's a small
+ * window where the spinlocks are not held, and the blocked
+ * process hasn't released the BKL. So if we are going
+ * to boost the owner of the BKL, stop after that,
+ * since that owner is either running, or about to sleep
+ * but don't go any further or we are in a loop.
+ */
+ if (!w || unlikely(p->lock_depth >= 0))
* If the task is blocked on a lock, and we just made
@@ -817,10 +834,9 @@

- * The BKL can really be a pain. It can happen that the lock
- * we are blocked on is owned by a task that is waiting for
- * the BKL, and we own it. So, if this is the BKL and we own
- * it, then end the loop here.
+ * The current task that is blocking can also the one
+ * holding the BKL, and blocking on a task that wants
+ * it. So if it were to get this far, we would deadlock.
if (unlikely(l == &kernel_sem.lock) && lock_owner(l) == current_thread_info()) {
@@ -1089,11 +1105,21 @@
goto try_again;
+ /*
+ * Once again the BKL comes to play. Since the BKL can be grabbed and released
+ * out of the normal P1->L1->P2 order, there's a chance that someone has the
+ * BKL owner's lock and is waiting on the new owner lock.
+ */
+ if (unlikely(lock == &kernel_sem.lock)) {
+ if (!__raw_spin_trylock(&old_owner->task->pi_lock)) {
+ __raw_spin_unlock(&new_owner->task->pi_lock);
+ goto try_again;
+ }
+ } else
+ __raw_spin_lock(&old_owner->task->pi_lock);
plist_del_init(&waiter->list, &lock->wait_list);
- __raw_spin_lock(&old_owner->task->pi_lock);
plist_del(&waiter->pi_list, &old_owner->task->pi_waiters);
plist_init(&waiter->pi_list, waiter->ti->task->prio);

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