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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] [PATCH 1/1 2.6.13] framebuffer: bit_putcs() optimization for 8x* fonts
Hi Roman,

>Could you try the patch below, for a few extra cycles you might want to
>make it an inline function.
No, it does not help. If there is any difference, it is too small to be
measured on
my system ... and my system does run at 1000 Hz.

After 2.6.12 fb_pad_aligned_buffer() was changed to use memcpy() instead
of a
bytewise copy. That slowed things down a lot, some weeks ago that was
fb_pad_aligned _buffer() isn´t that slow, it´s just an external function
to be called
and that means a lot of unnecessary code.

How could I make it an inline function? It is used in console/bitblit.c,
riva/fbdev.c and softcursor.c.

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