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SubjectRe: LSM root_plug module questions
* David Härdeman ( wrote:
> I'm currently playing around with the security/root_plug.c LSM module
> and I have two questions:

you'll have better luck on the lsm list

> 1) What's the recommended way of telling that someone is logging in to
> the computer (via ssh, virtual console, serial console, X, whatever)
> with LSM? Look for open() on /dev/pts?

logging in...this is really a userspace notion, so via PAM. creating a
new process or changing credentials of a new process are the types of
things that lsm watches (and of course, opening of files).

> 2) root_plug currently scans the usb device tree looking for the
> appropriate device each time it's needed. In the interest of making the
> result of the lookup cached, it is possible for a module to register so
> that it is notified when a usb device is added/removed?

I don't think that can be done in a race free manner. Perhaps get the
device and check its state, but you'd have to ask usb folks. ATM, it's
only checked during exec of root process.
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