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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: Fw: ati-remote strangeness from 2.6.12 onwards
> mdew wrote:
> > mapped to "p". I found the TV Button, The DVD Button, the CH-/+ and
> > the OK Button all non-working, every other button produced the "p".
> Could you please try 'showkey -s' from a console on all of those keys?

Without my patch, nothing shows up when pressing OK, TV and DVD, in showkey -s

# with my patch
mediabawx2:~# showkey -s
kb mode was XLATE

press any key (program terminates after 10s of last keypress)...
0x1c 0x9c - OK
0xe0 0x1f 0xe0 0x9f - TV
0xe0 0x17 0xe0 0x97 - DVD

> Pavel: I would think that 'more useful' is not really the same as
> 'correct'. If you find it useful to map this key to 'ENTER', so you
> should remap it in userspace. It should not be KEY_ENTER in the kernel
> for at least two reasons:
> - The key is labled 'ok' (and not enter). I assume the code KEY_OK is
> made for exactly that kind of key and certain applications might
> look for exactly this code.
> - You might want to differentiate between this key and the ENTER key
> of your keyboard, at least I do. If the kernel is sending the same
> code for both keys, this is not possible in userspace.
> Frank
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