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SubjectRe: syscall: sys_promote
må den 29.08.2005 Klokka 13:29 (+0100) skreiv Alan Cox:
> You can ignore the patch easily enough. Ignoring the locking doesn't
> work because functionality like fork process counting, exec, and setuid
> all make definite assumptions that are not safe to tamper without unless
> you fix the uid locking.
> Fixing it might be useful in some obscure cases anyway - POSIX threads
> might benefit from it too, providing the functionality of changing all
> thread uids at once isnt triggered for sensible threaded app behaviour.

The latter needs more than just locking fixes. Right now we have some
potentially _very_ interesting behaviour due to the fact that large
swathes of kernel code assume that a thread's privileges will not change
while it is inside a syscall.
This was something I started to try to address with the BSD credential
patches a couple of years ago, but I never managed to finish those in
time for 2.6.0.


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