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SubjectWhat about adding range support for u32 classifier?
Hello, everyone!

The "range support" may be puzzled, but I don't know how to express my
problem exactly because of my poor english.

Just take an example, I may need all udp packets received on eth0
which source port is greater than 53 going into flow 10:1, and I only
wanna to type one tc command like this(In fact, I communicated with
kernel directly):

tc filter add dev eth0 parent ffff: protocol ip prio 20 \
u32 match udp sport gt 53 0xffff \
match ip protocol 17 0xff\
flowid 10:1

But I found I can't, because u32 classifier doesn't support matching
multi-value in one key.So I need to add (65535-53) keys to a u32
filter to implement this.

I intend to solve this problem by modifying u32 filter to match
multi-value in one key, but I am worrying the preformance.

Can someone give me some suggestions?

Yuanyi Zhang
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