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SubjectRe: kernel freezes with and 2.6.13
* Peter Münster ( wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Chris Wright wrote:
> > * Peter Münster ( wrote:
> > > with no problem. But with a newer version, I get a black screen
> > > and no more network access, when trying to print (lpr
> > > Everything else seems to work ok.
> > > Printer is a network-printer managed by cups.
> > > I suppose, it's a smp-problem, so here is my /proc/cpuinfo:
> >
> > Is this 100% reproducible? Do you get any kernel oops messages on
> > the console? There are very few patches between and,
> > so if the problem is reproducible can you narrow to the specific patch?
> Yes, it's 100% reproducible. But I do not get any message. Display is
> shutting down, and no more access with ssh. Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work
> neither. Nothing in /var/log/messages.

Are you running X? Can you reproduce running lpr from console command line?

> Of course, I can try to narrow down to the specific patch, if you send me
> the different patches. I only have the diff between and
> and I don't know how to extract the patches.

They're here in git:;a=tree;h=5c84e7f0112b3961f7a346b4d0161048482b2b6b;hb=717a323d8a8523fc5972158c5cef8ba914f36671;f=
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