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Subject[PATCH 0/3] remove verify_area()
it's time to kill off verify_area().

verify_area() has been deprecated for quite a while now and is
documented in Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt as going away in
July 2005.
It is completely replaced by access_ok() and there are no in-kernel users
left [1]. It's time for verify_area() to die.

The following 3 patches remove verify_area() itself as well as
remove or modify some documentation related to it.

1 - remove verify_area() from various uaccess.h headers
2 - remove or edit references to verify_area in Documentation/
3 - remove fs/umsdos/notes as it only contain a verify_area related note

note: I only have access to i386 hardware, so that's all I've been able to
test on, but since there are no users of this left and the patch just
remove the unused function, there should really not be any trouble.

[1] The Xtensa architecture was merged post the big verify_area() to
access_ok() cleanup I did some months back and is still using
verify_area(). I've submitted sepperate cleanup patches to get rid of
it from Xtensa to Chris Zankel and they should flow your way eventually.
These 3 patches therefore leave Xtensa alone.

Jesper Juhl

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