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SubjectRe: [patch 8/8] PCI Error Recovery: PPC64 core recovery routines
Hi Paul-

> > 2) As a result, the code to call hot-unplug is a bit messy. In
> > particular, there's a bit of hoop-jumping when hotplug is built as
> > as a module (and said hoops were wrecked recently when I moved the
> > code around, out of the rpaphp directory).
> One way to clean this up would be to make rpaphp the driver for the
> EADS bridges (from the pci code's point of view). Then it would
> automatically get included in the error recovery process and could do
> whatever it should.

Not sure that I agree with this. Not all PCI hotplug slots have EADS
devices as parents. This sort of topography dependency is something
we're trying to break in rpaphp. Rpaphp could set this up for devices
that do have EADS parents, but then we've only covered a subset of
EEH-capable devices.

Anyway, isn't the OS forbidden from performing most of the expected
function of such a driver for EADS devices:
Enable the device
Access device configuration space
Discover resources (addresses and IRQ numbers) provided by the device
Allocate these resources
Communicate with the device
Disable the device


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