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SubjectRe: [patch 08/16] Add support for X86_64 platforms to KGDB
On Monday 29 August 2005 19:45, Tom Rini wrote:

> Bob did this part (forgot to CC him, oops). But I believe it's needed
> for setting traps so much earlier.

Ok looking again I guess he needed it for the GDT access in cpu_init

> > > + if (notify_die(DIE_PAGE_FAULT, "no context", regs, error_code, 14,
> > > + return;
> > > +
> >
> > I can see the point of that. It's ok if you submit it as a separate
> > patch.
> I can split that out into one that follows the KDB_VECTOR rename easily
> enough.

That's fine. The rename is fine for me too btw.

> > Regarding early trap init: I would have no problem to move all of
> > traps_init into setup_arch (and leave traps_init empty for generic code).
> > I actually don't know why it runs so late. But doing it half way is ugly.
> Should I make setup_per_cpu_area and trap_init empty and turn the real
> ones into early_foo?

setup_per_cpu_area is still needed later because it needs to allocate for non
BP and you cannot do that that early.


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