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SubjectRe: Telling Linux that a SATA device has gone away
Alan Cox <> wrote:

> It won't work on hd* either. 2.4-ac supports drive plugging but nothing
> else ever did. For the SATA case see Jeff's sata status page 8) and join
> in the fun. Most of what is needed is already there.

Ok. The machine in question has an ICH6 controller, which is in theory
capable of hotplugging. However, the ahci driver fails to load with
ENOMEM and so I end up with ata_piix. According to , this /doesn't/
support hotplug. Now, Windows seems to be dealing somehow - it's
entirely happy with the drive vanishing without warning. This confuses
me a little.

Is there any hope of 2.6 gaining IDE hotswap? Given how easy it is to
capture removal events with ACPI, it would be nice to be able to do
something useful with it (rather than just tending to crash the machine)

Matthew Garrett |
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