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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: USB EHCI Problem with Low Speed
> >

Yes please ... these issues do seem to be intermittent and hardware-specific,
so we'd like to know if relaxed enumeration timings work better for the folk
who have these problems.

> Yes, Dominik, please do. The TT was a poor guess, because IIRC 2.6.8
> did not have the support for TT, so it could not get it wrong.

Actually every EHCI version from has always supported TTs;
I didn't submit it until full and low speed devices would enumerate,
an I could use USB keyboards and mice. The reason it's a poor guess
is that TT support has nothing to do with this level of problem. ;)

What's changed is how smart the _periodic scheduling_ support is.
The original algorithm took some major simplifying shortcuts, which
reduced functionality. The latest code doesn't have very many of
those shortcuts. It's accordingly a LOT more complicated. Some
of the newer features need work yet (e.g. scheduling ISO OUT).

- Dave

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