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SubjectRe: Possibly wrong contact for e100 driver
On 8/28/05, iSteve <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> in past few days, I've been trying to obtain certian information about
> behavior of e100 NIC driver with my minipci card. My first hit was the
> contact information mentioned in the header of e100.c, that is, "Linux
> NICS <>".
> I've sent in my mail, praying for reply. The first reply was automated
> response, which suggested me eg. Win 3.11 install notes. After asking
> tech support reply, the email from tech support, which arrived day
> later, only told me that Intel doesn't distribute MiniPCI cards
> directly, instead sells them to companies who distribute them. He also
> suggested me to "for the best possible technical support and the latest
> drivers for your MPCI hardware, please contact the manufacturer of your
> PC".
> Since I sent a rather technical question, and got such reply (and no
> reply so far, when I asked for better support - contact on someone
> closer to the actual driver, be it from Intel or not, politely), I
> wonder whether the contact information is still up to date? If no, what
> is the new contact information?

Try asking on Or email the guys listed in
MAINTAINERS for e100. Or check out the e1000 sourceforge project
(which covers e100 and ixgb as well).

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