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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Radeon acpi vgapost
Michael Marineau <> wrote:

> Thses patches resume ATI radeon cards from acpi S3 suspend when using
> radeonfb by reposting the video bios. This is needed to be able to use
> S3 when the framebuffer is enabled.

Please don't make this unconditional. There's no guarantee whatsoever
that the code at c000:0003 does anything useful on a laptop, and it may
actually be harmful in some cases. The sensible approach is to whitelist
it based on DMI entries or provide a sysfs attribute so userspace can
enable/disable it.

How well does this patch deal with multihead? If I have a mixed
radeon/non-radeon system, and the primary head is a non-radeon, won't
this result in the wrong card being POSTed?

Matthew Garrett |
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