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SubjectRe: Initramfs and TMPFS!
On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 08:19:18AM +0000, Kent Robotti wrote:

> I know that experience dosen't come from packing the kernel source,
> or the zillion other tar archives on the internet.

Are you deliberately trying to be annoying? Let me guess:

- your under 25 years of age, probably in high school or not far
out of it

- you have a stupid oversized wanky computer case with neon
lighting and useless analog dials and what not. you might have
even overclocked it

- you've run windows most of your live

- you probably run gentoo now. you like the feeling of having
everything optimized for your exact system; the addition 0.25%
speed increase more than offsets the fact everything is crappy
and crashes all the time

- you run reiserfs, you probably can't wait till reiser4 is merged
so you can run that

- you're very interesting in real-time patches. linux should
clearly have all real-time stuff merged. second to your interest
in realtime is probably something like selinux

- if you drive a car, it has extra spoilers added and you've
replaced the steering wheel with something from MOMO

- you 'friends' are worried you'll die a virgin


How about you do a little research on some things for a bit? The
initramfs code is done the way it is for a good reason. cpio is used
over tar for another good reason.

You are most welcome to disagree and even voice you disagreement, but
there comes a point where you really need to produce some better
arguments. Patches wouldn't hurt either.
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