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SubjectRe: PATCH: ide: ide-disk freeze support for hdaps

> > > Please make the interface accept number of seconds (as suggested by Jens)
> > > and remove this module parameter. This way interface will be more flexible
> > > and cleaner. I really don't see any advantage in doing "echo 1 > ..." instead
> > > of "echo x > ..." (Pavel, please explain).
> >
> > Either way is pretty easy enough to implement. Note though that I'd
> > expect the userspace app should thaw the device when danger is out of
> > the way (the timeout is mainly there to ensure that the queue isn't
> > frozen forever, and should probably be higher). Personally I don't
> > have too much of an opinion either way though... what's the consensus?
> > :).
> Yes please, I don't understand why you would want a 0/1 interface
> instead, when the timer-seconds method gives you the exact same ability
> plus a way to control when to unfreeze...

Well, with my power-managment hat on:

we probably want "freeze" functionality to be generic; it makes sense
for other devices, too.

"My battery is so low I can not use wifi any more" => userspace
freezes wifi.

Now, having this kind of timeout in all the cases looks pretty ugly to my eyes.

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