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SubjectRe: when or where can the case occur in "linux kernel development " about "kernel preemption"?
2005/8/27, Christopher Friesen <>:
> Sat. wrote:
> > the case about kernel preemption as follow :
> >
> > the book said "when a process that has a higher priority than the
> > currenty running process is awakened ".
> >
> > but I can think about when such case can occur , could you give me an example ?
> There may be others, but one common case is when a hardware interrupt
> causes the higher priority process to become runnable. Some examples of
> this would be a network packet arriving, or the expiry of a hardware timer.
> Chris

unfortunately, I cannot agree with you , normally ,when the kernel
runs in interrupt context , the schedule() should not be invoked
------my views .

then,could anyone give me a definite example about network like above
or anything else to eluminate this , ok?

thanks !

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