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SubjectLinux 2.6 context switching and posix threads performance question

Hello List Readers,

I would really appreciate any comment on the overall performance of task
switching with 25 000 threads running on the Linux system. I was asked to work
on some software which spawns 25 000 threads and I am really worried if
it will ever work on 2 CPU HP Blade. The kernel was modified to support
bigger threads amount running (I have no idea how it was done, probably
just changing hardcoded limits) What is the performance impact of
so much threads on the overall system performance? Is there any ?
Wouldn't it be that such application would spend all of its time
switching contexts ? I'm asking for some kind of an authoritative answer
quite urgently. What is the optimum thread amount on 2 CPU SMP system
running Linux ?

Thank you very much in advance

@..@ Mateusz Berezecki
( >__< ) PGP: 5F1C 86DF 89DB BFE9 899E 8CBE EB60 B7A7 43F9 5808
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