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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers/hwmon/*: kfree() correct pointers
Hi Jonathan,

> > Already fixed in Greg's i2c tree and -mm for quite some time now...
> So it is. The comment says, however, that "the existing code works
> somewhat by accident." In the case of the 9240 driver, however, the
> existing code demonstrably does not work - it oopsed on me.

I too did notice that the adm9240 case was worse than the four other
ones back then, but when I tried to get it to crash, it never did. This
is the reason why I did not push this patch upstream faster. I wonder
why it now does oops on you.

I also believe that this patch was somewhat misnamed. It is not related
to the new hwmon class, but jut happened to change the same part of
these five drivers. With a better name, the patch would most probably
have been selected by Greg in the last batch of i2c patches to Linus.

> The patch in Greg's tree looks fine (it's a straightforward fix, after
> all);

I wouldn't call it straightforward, but it certainly has been reviewed
and tested well enough by now to be considered safe.

> I'd recommend that it be merged before 2.6.13.

Fine with me.

Jean Delvare
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