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SubjectRe: VIA Rhine ethernet driver bug (reprise...)
On Friday 26 August 2005 06:43, Patrick Draper wrote:
> On 8/23/05, Denis Vlasenko <> wrote:
> > >Since it happens less than once a day, why not just add a code
> > >to reset the NIC completely in this case, like it is
> > >typically done in tx_timeout handlers of many NICs, and forget about it?
> >
> > Do you see any problems in this approach?
> I've refrained from posting here because my hardware is currently in the
> closet, so I can't help too much. I had problems with Rhine on my ME6000
> (VIA Mini-ITX) board. I tried to reset the NIC by unloading kernel modules
> and reloading them, and reinitializing the network, and that didn't work
> for me. The problem was triggered by merely unplugging the ethernet cable.
> When it was plugged back in, the network was gone and only a reboot would
> bring it back.
> Sorry I can't file a better bug report, but I won't be able to until
> November at the earliest. But I thought you should know that at least one
> person can't use the approach of resetting the NIC.

May be a known problem. A buglet in MII common code.
Via-rhine maintainer knows about it, as does Jeff.
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