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    SubjectRe: question on memory barrier
    On Iau, 2005-08-25 at 11:14 +0200, moreau francis wrote:
    > I'm compiling Linux kernel for a MIPS32 cpu. On my platform, writel seems
    > expand to:
    > static inline writel(u32 val, volatile void __iomem *mem)
    > {
    > volatile u32 *__mem;
    > u32 __val;
    > __mem = (void *)((unsigned long)(mem));
    > __val = val;
    > *__mem = __val;
    > }
    > I don't see the magic in it since "volatile" keyword do not handle memory
    > ordering constraints...Linus wrote on volatile keyword, see

    For the case and the platform the volatile is sufficient to force
    ordering. That or the arch code author made a mistake. But I think its
    sufifcient for MIPS. The volatile prevents

    *foo = 1;
    *foo = 2;

    or even


    from being collapsed together or eliminated

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