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i have released the 2.6.13-rc7-rt1 tree, which can be downloaded from
the usual place:

this is a fixes-only release. Changes since 2.6.13-rc6-rt10:

- init_hrtimers() compilation fix (K.R. Foley)

- first phase p->pi_lock SMP speedup (Steven Rostedt)

- HRT/signals exit fixes (Thomas Gleixner)

- change single-signal delivery (used by e.g. HRT) to RCU
(Thomas Gleixner)

- fix larger-than-5-sec sleeps (Thomas Gleixner)

- ALL_TASKS_PI compilation fixes (Daniel Walker)

- HRT compilation warning fix (Daniel Walker)

- PPC fixes (Thomas Gleixner)

- merge to 2.6.13-rc7

- disable old HIGH_RES_TIMERS code in ipmi

- sx8.c semaphore -> compat_semaphore

- route.c kmalloc-size build fix

to build a 2.6.13-rc7-rt1 tree, the following patches should be applied:

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