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SubjectRe: [PATCH] removes filp_count_lock and changes nr_files type to atomic_t
Eric Dumazet wrote:

> Furthermore, a lazy sync would mean to change sysctl proc_handler for
> "file-nr" to perform a synchronize before calling proc_dointvec, this
> would be really obscure.

I was only using your terminology (ie. the 'lazy' synch after the
atomic is updated).

Actually, a better idea would be to make a specific sysctl handler
like Christoph said.

Unless you can show some improvement, it would better not to introduce
the racy hack (even if it is mostly harmless).

>> Unless the fs people had a problem with that.
>> And you may as well get rid of the atomic_inc_return which can be more
>> expensive on some platforms and doesn't buy you much.
>> atomic_inc;
>> atomic_read;
>> Should be enough if you don't care about lost updates here, yeah?
> You mean :
> atomic_inc(&counter);
> lazeyvalue = atomic_read(&counter);
> instead of
> lazeyvalue = atomic_inc_return(&counter);


> In fact I couldnt find one architecture where the later would be more
> expensive.

atomic_inc_return guarantees a memory barrier, while the former
statements do not. I'm fairly sure it will be more expensive on

SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.

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