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SubjectInitramfs and TMPFS!

>On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 11:38:49AM -0400, robotti@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>What if you have a root.cpio.gz that requires 200MB to hold, but you
>only have 300MB of memory?
>50% of total memory wouldn't hold it, but 90% etc. would

>>tmpfs will not help you here. Yes, it can be swapped, but just like
>>with ramfs you first need to *unpack* the cpio archive before you can
>>even start the "swapon /dev/hda2" command on it.

I was making a case for a tmpfs_size option if tmpfs is used for a initramfs,
because tmpfs has a default 50% memory limit.

>>Same with initrd, btw. If the compressed initrd image, plus the
>>uncompressed image, plus the kernel size are larger than the memory
>>size, the system will not boot.


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