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SubjectRe: [PATCH] removes filp_count_lock and changes nr_files type to atomic_t
Eric Dumazet wrote:
> Nick Piggin a écrit :

>> Would you just be able to add the atomic sysctl handler that
>> Christoph suggested?
> Quite a lot of work indeed, and it would force to convert 3 int
> (nr_files, nr_free_files, max_files) to 3 atomic_t. I feel bad
> introducing a lot of sysctl rework for a tiny change (removing
> filp_count_lock)

True, I didn't notice that.

>> This introduces lost update problems. 2 CPUs may store to nr_files
>> in the opposite order that they incremented atomic_nr_files.
> That's true, and the difference can be relatively important in case of
> preemption.
> Each time the true and correct value (atomic_nr_files) is updated, a
> copy is done on nr_files : as nr_files is only used to be a guard value
> against too many file allocations, a somewhat 'lazy' value has no impact
> at all.

OK, well I would prefer you do the proper atomic operations throughout
where it "really matters" in file_table.c, and do your lazy synchronize
with just the sysctl exported value.

Unless the fs people had a problem with that.

And you may as well get rid of the atomic_inc_return which can be more
expensive on some platforms and doesn't buy you much.
Should be enough if you don't care about lost updates here, yeah?


SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.

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