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SubjectQuestion about usb-storage: Sometimes partitions are not recognized.
Hello everyone,

using two different USB memory cardreader I have a problem which I am able to
reproduce on serveral machines (x86 and x86_64, Kernel 2.6.x) and with
different memory cards (Compact Flash, SD-Card, Sony Memory-Stick):
When I plug them in, they will be recognized by hotplug (I'm using udev), the
module usb-storage will be loaded and the device nodes are created.

BUT: There is normally just ONE device node for the disc block device.
Partitions are not available.
I can "solve" this by just starting fdisk (and shutting it down again without
changing anything) on the given block device - after that, all the partitions
are available. So it seems to me that on the recognition of the disc block
device either the partition table will not be read or the USB device (maybe
it depends on the cardreader) is to slow to come up with the data.
When fdisk is reading the partition table everything works well, but this is
obviously no option.

Other USB memories (eg. an USB memory stick) work well, I experience these
problem only on these two cardreaders.

Is there a possibility to tweak unusual_devs.h to get rid of these problems? I
could insert the maufacturer and product IDs, but I'm not common with the
available options. Maybe you could give me some pointers about them or other
solutions on this.

Thanks and greets,

Manuel Schneider

Version: 3.1
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