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Subjectserial port multiplexing
 Hello all,

I am a newbee tryinging for serial port
multiplexing. Currently my driver supports for one
(/dev/ttyS0). However i want to use the same physical
port for 2 virtual ports.I am NOT sending two type of
data simultaneously. I want to first reigister my
driver for /dev/ttyS0. When the kernel has booted ,i
want to disable it. Then i want to enable the driver
to register for say /dev/ttyS1.
in short i don't want the console to have controle
over the serial port.
The point of doing such is that i want my serial
port to be free. I can telnet to this potr from other
machine and test few stuff. i hope i have properly
mentioned my problem.

plz let me know how should i proceed.
thanks in advance.


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