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SubjectRe: [UPDATED] Re: [PATCH 1/5] Add pagetable allocation notifiers
* Zachary Amsden ( wrote:
> Done. Looks like you want empty_zero_page write protected too. That
> seems like a fine idea to me unless something really wants to do atomic
> 64-bit reads on it.

Thanks, I added this set (minus the 3/5, which I already have) to the
virt-2.6 tree.

> The -1 is quite useless when you're going to shift >> 12 anyways to get
> a frame number to index into mem_map, which is why they are not there.
> Plus, it just seems scary if you got it wrong - let's say you had a not
> present page - not that you could, but now you are freeing a misaligned
> address in the _previous_ page. I really don't like that -1 at all. I
> will clean it up, but it does certainly deserve another patch.

Heh, that's exactly what I was concerned with from the patch (being on
the wrong page). Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

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