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Subject[PATCH 0/3] exterminate strtok
In 1999 Ingo Oeser commented in lib/string.c :
* - Added strsep() which will replace strtok() soon (because strsep() is
* reentrant and should be faster). Use only strsep() in new code, please.
Then in 2002 strtok was removed.

There are still a few cases of strtok in the kernel to this day. The following
3 patches exterminates them.

Let me say up front that the first two patches have *not* been tested since I
lack both the appropriate hardware and suitable cross compiler. They are fairly
simple though, so I doubt they'll be troublesome, but I'd greatly appreciate if
someone else would validate them and sign off on them before I send them on to
Andrew for inclusion in -mm. The third patch /has/ seen limited testing, but it
would still be nice to have someone look it over and sign off on it.

Jesper Juhl <>

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