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SubjectRe: Problem with kernel image in a Prep Boot on PowerPC
John W. Linville wrote:

>On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 12:05:25PM -0300, Márcio Oliveira wrote:
>> I think the kernel is pointing to the wrong root partiotion. In a x86
>>box, I can change the kernel root partition in the boot loader (root=
>>parameter) or using the "rdev" command. In my case, the IBM Power
>>doesn't have a boot loader (yaboot was replaced by the kernel image) and
>>the powerpc64 system doesn't have the rdev command (from util-linux
>>package, the same package on x86 systems have the rdev command!).
>I don't know anything that will do this on a pre-built kernel. But,
>you should look at CONFIG_CMDLINE_BOOL and CONFIG_CMDLINE in your
>kernel configuration. That will let you pre-configure the "root="
>command line option.
Hi John,

The command rdev can change the default root partition on x86 linux
systems with pre-built kernels.

About the CONFIG_CMDLINE in the kernel configuration, I found it in lots
of files in the kernel source tree and I'd like to know which file I
need to change this value (/usr/src/linux/arch/ppc64/defconfig ?).

>I don't know if ppc64 can use the zImage-style boot wrapper. If it
>can, that would provide you with an option of modifying the command
>line at boot time if needed.
According to this doc:,
ppc64 can use zImage-style boot wrapper, so I'm trying it.

>Good luck!
Thanks John!

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