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<DIV><FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#0000ff size=6><STRONG><EM>SPECIAL SITUATION &amp; ALERT</EM></STRONG></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face="Arial Narrow" size=4><STRONG><FONT color=#ff0000><FONT size=6>****SFNH****SFNH****SFNH****SFNH****</FONT><BR></FONT>&nbsp;<BR><FONT color=#800000 size=5>Last September UGHO Stock Exploded More than 650% in Five Trading Days!!!!!<BR>Is SFNH Poised to do the Same???</FONT></STRONG></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><BR><FONT color=#000080 size=3><STRONG>The $170 billion homeland security industry has been one of the few consistent investment havens in the tumultuous international climate of the past four years.&nbsp; In smalll cap defense and homeland security stocks we have seen major announcements and milestones result in a skyrocketing share price.&nbsp; Consider the case of Universal Guardian Holdings (OTC BB: UGHO): in little less than a week, some major announcments, drove the stock from a closing price of $0.54 on September 15 to a high of $3.65 on September 22- a 670% price increase in a mere five trading days.</STRONG></FONT></DIV><FONT color=#000080></FONT>
<DIV><BR><FONT color=#0000a0><STRONG><FONT size=3>We have discovered a small and overlooked company that promises to become 2005's breakthrough Homeland Security stock and repeat the spectacular growth of UGHO.&nbsp; Thus company is Security First International Holdings (SFNH).&nbsp; In the last month, this company has completed a series of major acquisitions that promise to make it a leader in the Homeland Security industry, and make savvy investors rich...With financing arrangements already in place the Company is pursuing a series of target acquisitions that should add $120 million in revenues.&nbsp; We expect major news in the next several weeks that will be a catalyst for tremendous stock growth.</FONT></STRONG></FONT></DIV><FONT color=#0000a0><STRONG><FONT size=3>
<DIV><BR>Interested in this type of investment opportunity?&nbsp; We thought so; read on to find out more about this compelling investment pick.</FONT><BR>&nbsp;<BR><FONT color=#ff0000><FONT size=3>Security First International Holdings, Inc.<BR>Symbol- OTC Pink Sheets: SFNH or SFNH.PK<BR>Current Price- $3.98<BR>Shares Out.- 9.94 Million<BR>Market Capitalization- $39.56 Million<BR>Price Trend: Upward<BR>Near-Term Target- $8.00<BR>Industry- Homeland Security</FONT><BR></FONT></STRONG></FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR><FONT size=3><STRONG><FONT face="Arial Narrow" color=#004080 size=5>A FEW REASONS TO CONSIDER BUYING SFNH</FONT><BR>&nbsp;<BR><FONT color=#800000>1.&nbsp; In the wake of September 11, and an increased attention to protection from terrorism and criminal attacks, the Homeland Security industry has entered a period of exponential growth.&nbsp; The Homeland Security market is expected to grow from approximately $100 billion in 2003 to more than $170 billion by 2006!!&nbsp; In Ju!
ly 2002,
<DIV><FONT color=#800000 size=3><STRONG><BR>4.&nbsp; Through its Energy Security division, SFNH is well positioned to capitalize upon the current global energy crisis.&nbsp; With gas now testing the $65 ceiling, and with US consumption now more dependent on imports than ever, US energy independence requires production of massive in-ground reserves of "heavy oil" in shale deposits and oil sand reserves.&nbsp; SFNH has already acquired worldwide rights to a patented steam generation system that could dramatically improve recovery of heavy oil deposits.&nbsp; <BR>&nbsp;<BR>5.&nbsp; SFNH boasts an impressive and highly experienced management team. Top personnel bring experience from numerous fields including entrepreneurial and marketing solutions as well as over 35 years experience in the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense at home and abroad.&nbsp; Chairman and CEO Roderick Knight McClain is a highly succesful investment banker and asset manager, who founded !
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