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SubjectRe: [PATCH] (11/43) Kconfig fix (infiniband and PCI)
    Al> PS: note that it's not depends on PCI it's depends on PCI ||
Al> BROKEN which a) documents that something is wrong b) leaves
Al> all setups usable now intact c) prevents broken setups from
Al> being picked.

Yes, I agree that this makes sense for now.

Al> I certainly agree that proper fix is to switch to dma_... - no
Al> arguments here. BTW, another dubious thing is use of
Al> DECLARE_PCI_UNMAP_ADDR() in infiniband core - it's fine in PCI
Al> drivers (which is how it's used elsewhere), but not in generic
Al> data structures.

Yes, I guess we want DECLARE_DMA_UNMAP_ADDR() as well. If I can
untangle the maze of .h files well enough to see where
dma_unmap_addr() et al. belong, I'll post a patch adding them.

- R.
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