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SubjectRe: select() efficiency / epoll
Thanks for the info.. I did find this thread and was wondering if this 
patch ever got put in

Willy Tarreau wrote:

>On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 06:24:42AM -0500, Davy Durham wrote:
>>That's probably a good idea. Where would I find out what other projects
>>use it?
>I use it in my load-balancer (haproxy), and it could somewhat match your
>needs, because I ported the select()-based earlier version to epoll() with
>the smallest possible changes. Indeed, the new epoll() loop still uses the
>FD_ISSET() to determine what to do with epoll_ctl(). If you have changed
>your code to use select(), you may find similarities. But I want to tell
>you from now that my code is NOT multi-threaded. It could be a bug in the
>epoll implementation, because I don't think that there are so many
>applications using epoll on MT models. Bert says that the epoll implementation
>is heavily benchmarked, which is true, but which does not guarantee that it
>is tested under every condition.
>You can download it from there :
>Use version 1.2.6. I added epoll in 1.2.5, so the diff between 1.2.4 and
>1.2.5 could help you too.
>Good luck !
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