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SubjectRe: RFE: console_blank_hook that calls userspace helper

> I can try to do this, but it will have to wait, I've got too much work now.
> Don't you think the userspace solution deserves a try?

Well, how do you unblank when something bad happens
(oops,panic?). Blanking should really be done from kernel.

> >>
> >>
> >>Bugzilla Bug 4767 RFE: console_blank_hook that can call userspace
> >>program
> >>Submitter: (Eugene Pavlovsky)
> >>
> >>I think it'd be very good to have a console_blank_hook handler that
> >>would call a
> >>userspace program/script/generate hotplug event whatever. Currently,
> >>the console
> >>can only be blanked using APM, so no options exist for people using
> >>ACPI. I've
> >>got a Radeon graphics chip on my laptop, and the LCD backlight can be
> >>controlled
> >>(on/off) using radeontool. If there was a userspace callback
> >>interface
> >>to
> >>console blanking, I would just make a callback script that calls
> >>"radeontool
> >>light off" on blank and "radeontool light on" on unblank - really
> >>easy. I think
> >>this userspace console_blank_hook handler is very simple to put into
> >>kernel, but
> >>I'm not a kernel developer myself, so wouldn't risk sending any
> >>patches (that
> >>call system("some_script")), because I probably won't make things as
> >>they should
> >>be in the kernel.
> >
> >
> > Radeonfb should blank console automatically, without userspace
> > helper. Send a patch to do that ;-).

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