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    SubjectRe: IDE CD problems in 2.6.13rc6
    On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 01:37:08 +0100 Alan Cox wrote:
    > We certainly could interpret 0x51, 0x04 specifically. Its not an "error"
    > in the usual spew at the user case generally speaking but a "do this"
    > "no" sequence. Its useful to log because sending unknown commands to an
    > IDE device is something we want to catch (some drives hang if you do it,
    > others do really *crazy* things).
    > Would
    > hdc: command not supported by drive
    > ide: failed opcode was: 0xec
    > have been more helpful

    If it was clearly marked as "This is INFO, not a Warning". Most users
    I've met (myself included) are always expecting their hardware to crash and
    burn at the drop of a hat. Scary messages just confirm our anguish -
    especially when it's coming by way of the CD/HD system.

    Mats Johannesson
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