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SubjectRe: [Patch] Support UTF-8 scripts
On Aug 13, 2005, at 20:57:45, Alan Cox wrote:
>>> I have "setxkbmap -symbols 'en_US(pc102)+gb'" in my ~/.xsession,
>>> and « and » are available as AltGr-z and AltGr-x respectively.
>> Most keyboards don't have an AltGr key.
> You must be an American. Most old the worlds keyboards have an AltGr
> key. You'll find that US keyboards have two alt keys to avoid
> confusing
> people (like one button mice ;)) but the right one is understood by
> the
> X bindings to be "AltGr". Even though the US keyboard is apparently
> lacking functionality its purely a text label issue

And those of us who are Mac OS X oriented have patched our console and X
keycodes to match the mac way of generating symbols:

Alt-\ = «
Alt-Shift-\ = »
Alt-Shift-+ = ±

If only someone could come up with a good character palette like exists
on that OS, something that could generate a wide variety of keysyms,
preferably all of UTF-8, and send them to the topmost window.

Kyle Moffett

Unix was not designed to stop people from doing stupid things,
because that
would also stop them from doing clever things.
-- Doug Gwyn

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