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SubjectRe: These guys can't spell Linux ;)
On Friday 12 August 2005 20:15, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >>Didn't 'Linux' originate from a mis-spelling of Linus' name when his
> >> first account on some box in Helsinki Uni was created /home/linux/?
> >
> >It was because the ftp admin did not like the original name "freex" so he
> > just renamed it to something that suited him well.
> Correction to myself: "freax". Search google for "linus torvalds ftp admin
> freax" and maybe add 1991 or 1992 to the list of keywords.

OK, I remembered where I read it. A book by Glyn Moody - 'Rebel Code'
published 2001 ISBN 0-7382-0333-5.

'Linus says of a member of the Helsinki University staff called Ari Lemmke.
"[Lemmke] had this small area on" - an Internet server at the
university where files were stored for visitors to donwload uisng the
standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
"It was called at that point, and he said that 'hey, I'm putting
a directory aside for you.' So he created the /pub/os/linux diectory,"...

"Linux was my working name," Linus continues...

Buggix was also considered... heh.

So, only one man can tell us :-)

"When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble, Give a whistle..."
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