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    SubjectKernel 2.6.5 - Compaq Fibre Channel 64-bit/66Mhz HBA

    The company I work for is investigating a switch from Windows 2000 to a
    Linux based setup for its databases. Because of a dependancy on a third
    party we need to settle on kernel 2.6.5. Although the database servers
    will be moved to x86_64, we would like stay using our raid array
    (StorageWorks 4100) as it has been quite a tremendous investment for the
    size of our company and it still works.

    However it is unclear if the current controller "Compaq Fibre Channel
    64-bit/66Mhz HBA" is actually supported. This controller has been marked
    broken from kernel 2.6.7 and onwards with a "This is too much stack"
    (drivers/scsi/cpqfcTScontrol.c). Any additional documentation I cannot find.

    So the basic question is. Does this controller work on kernel 2.6.5?

    and if not and someone wants to give some advice, is it possible to
    replace the controller without having to move to a different raid array
    setup or is a fix pretty easy to create?

    Kind regards and thanks in advance,

    B. de Bruin

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