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    Subject2.6VMM, uClinux, & Comedi
    I managed to successfully cross-compile Comedi for the Coldfire uClinux 2.6, 
    however it has several unresolved symbols when I try to load it.

    comedi: Unknown symbol pgd_offset_k
    comedi: Unknown symbol pmd_none
    comedi: Unknown symbol remap_page_range
    comedi: Unknown symbol pte_present
    comedi: Unknown symbol pte_offset_kernel
    comedi: Unknown symbol VMALLOC_VMADDR
    comedi: Unknown symbol pte_page

    Apparently uClinux isn't implementing these paged memory functions,which
    kind of makes sense, but I'm a little fuzzy on what the nommu code is
    supposed to be doing exactly, and I couldn't find any documentation on what
    these functions are doing in the vanilla 2.6 kernel.
    Has anyone else been down this road before?
    I found Mel Gorman's Thesis on the 2.4 mm functions, but I couldn't find most
    of these symbols in it.
    It's looking like the 2.6 mm stuff is still pretty undocumented, any links to
    documentation (or short text explanations)would be appreciated.

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